Film courtesy of MSG Media Creations

The Historic Saltire Society is an organisation dedicated to two things. The first is living history and the second is Fun!

From humble beginnings in Inverness, the group now has members from all over the country, and travel the length and breadth of Scotland to various venues to perform for our audiences.


The society has many members, ranging from noble knights, their squires who help put on their armour, their enlisted peasants who end up doing most of the fighting, ladies of the court in fine dresses who, when not too busy with their embroidery, look on anxiously, to the craftsment and tradespeople who just get on with their jobs, from candlemaking to pole lathing.

The Society was started many years ago when our wise and venerable (not to mention old) leader, Alan, picked a fight with a baldy man called Alistair. The two have never looked back, and have seen the group grow over the years to its current large size.